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Don't forget about our summer courses!

Although "summer school" may not be on most au pairs' "to-do lists" this summer, we are offering a variety of classes to help them stay on top of their educational requirements! Make sure your au pairs are aware of our upcoming courses in June, July, and August.

Arts & Entertainment in Los Angeles, June 28-30

Students choose between performing or visual arts and spend a weekend learning about the creative process while participating in interactive workshops. Visual arts students will learn about contemporary art movements, while performing arts students will study the history of Hollywood and the film industry. All students will leave the class with a better understanding of how to utilize creativity in their own lives!

For more information and to register, visit our Los Angeles page.

Special Aquatic course in Tampa, July 19-21

For the first time, we are offering a special "aquatic" version of our environmental science course in Tampa. Students will gain an understanding of marine conservation topics and applications related to dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and sharks.

The course will include studying the biodiversity of Gulf of Mexico’s shark populations by collecting and analyzing shark teeth and other marine fossils, and learning about the rescue, rehabilitation and release of distressed or injured sea life.

Earn 72 Hours with Combo Courses

Our combo courses in Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Tampa are popular because students can earn 72 hours over the course of one four-day weekend class, including pre- and post- assignments. Students should sign up early to guarantee a spot! Our next combo courses will be offered on the following dates:

Visit the Windy City or the Nation's Capitol!

We are also offering our core classes in Chicago and Washington DC this summer. Students in DC will be the first to experience our fully revamped "Discover" curriculum in August!

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