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Ways For Au Pairs to Network & Make Friends in the U.S. (Even in a Pandemic!)

Are you looking for COVID-safe ways to make friends and meet new people in the U.S.? Here are some ways you can connect with others!

Your Secret Weapon: Your Host Family!

All of the suggestions below will work for just about anybody, but as an au pair you have an advantage: your host family and their network! See if your host parents know other people your age in the area who might want to join you for one of the activities below. Do you run into the same people when walking the family dog? Do your host kids have friends with nannies or older siblings that you get along with? Ask them to join you for a virtual hangout! Just like a real-life party, you can have your existing friends invite others they know so that you can meet new people!

Virtual Book Clubs

Join an existing organization like Quarantine Book Club, or start your own! Reading a book together is a great way to help you start a conversation with people you’re still getting to know. Use the plot points of the book to discuss your own opinions and life experience. This is a great way to get inspired, transport yourself to a different world or just have fun while making connections with others.

Volunteer Online

There are plenty of causes out there that still need a helping hand. Volunteer digitally with younger students through an organization like 826 National, or become pen pals with senior citizens through Ready To Care. If this interests you, our “Make a Difference” online course and Live Virtual Weekends are great ways to learn more about virtual volunteering! Make friends as you learn how to change the world!

Throw a (Virtual) Party

If you already know folks in the community, use an app like House Party or Online Town to throw virtual parties where you can meet your friends’ friends! You can also plan a game night with Jackbox or a movie night with Teleparty, which offer built-in icebreakers to help keep conversation going. Everyone loves a great party!

Take a Virtual Class

Of course we definitely suggest you check out Au Pair Weekend’s fully accredited Online Courses, Virtual Weekends, or English Language Skills for Au Pairs Program. They’re a perfect way to meet other au pairs here in the U.S., and connect with students in a similar situation as you. But you can also take a fitness class with your local circus school, or join a free virtual choir with The Sofa Singers! See if there are any virtual classes out there that match your interests and schedule.

With all of these options available, you’ll be making friends in no time!

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