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We offer four different courses in nine cities across the country. Courses are designed to help you get the most out of your experience in the U.S. and can be taken in any order.

Take courses from professional artists & performers!

Offered in New York City and Los Angeles

Channel your creativity and take an ​in-depth ​look ​at ​what the US has to offer in the ​fields ​of ​entertainment ​and ​the ​arts! ​Through ​a ​combination ​of ​classroom ​discussions, ​hands-on ​workshops, ​and ​excursions ​around ​Los ​Angeles or New York, ​you ​will ​see for yourself ​why ​“the ​creative ​capitals ​of ​the ​world” ​have ​earned their nicknames. ​We focus on the importance of creativity and how to use it in your personal and professional lives. This ​course is offered in two cities and ​has ​two ​tracks ​to ​choose ​from ​-- ​Performing ​Arts ​or ​Visual ​Arts. See below for detailed descriptions of both tracks.


Performing Arts

Offered in New York City and Los Angeles

Deepen your understanding of the performing arts through classes, hands-on workshops, and excursions throughout LA or NYC. We offer workshops on drama and music, and dance, taught by artists in the field. In LA, learn about the history of the film and TV industry, with a particular emphasis on Hollywood; in NY, you'll learn about the history of drama and importance of the New York theater scene. In both cities, you will have the chance to visit some well-known districts related to the performing arts. In both classes you will have an opportunity to attend a live performance. No performing arts background? That's okay! We focus more on the creative process and becoming comfortable with trying something new.

Visual Arts

Offered in New York City and Los Angeles

Deepen your understanding of the visual arts through classes, hands-on workshops, and excursions throughout LA or NYC. Participate in workshops on art and photography, taught by artists in the field. In LA, learn about art history and its influence on social media and pop culture today, as well as street art throughout Los Angeles. In New York, learn about art history and see some of New York City's most recognized architectural landmarks. In both cities you will spend time in one or more world-famous art museums. You will also practice your photography skills during a photo challenge using iconic sites in Hollywood or Times Square as your backdrop. We'll provide you with the materials you need to get your creativity flowing, even if you've never considered yourself to be an artist.


Get involved in the community!

Boston, Chicago, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, & DC


Through a fun and interesting combination of classroom discussions, community activities, and student assignments, you will learn important skills for dealing with the cultural and personal challenges that international visitors often face in the U.S. You will have unique opportunities to reflectively look at U.S. cultural perspectives to see how they influence your relationships and communication with others. Certain classes will discuss how to engage and participate in a variety of community experiences. You will also examine the rich cultural diversity of U.S. communities, with a specific focus on the course city. 


Discover 7 major cities around the country!

Boston, Chicago, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, & DC

IIn addition to gaining a greater understanding of the United States and the course city area, you will also have the opportunity to share your home country's culture with other students and compare it to key aspects of American life. You will gain in-depth knowledge of U.S. geography while also learning about exciting events in U.S. history and how they have influenced the current U.S. political culture and process. Through various field trips and activities, you will be able to explore and further understand the important historical and cultural identity of the course city area  that you’ve learned about in class.


Become an environmental scientist!

Only offered in Tampa

Get ready to explore the geographically diverse science wonders of the Tampa Bay area through a fun and interesting combination of classroom discussions, field trips, and lab work.

Learn about wilderness geocaching, environmental science, disasters and preparedness, salt water desalinization, healthy habitats, manatees, water chemistry, and more through field trips in the Tampa Bay area. You'll also have a chance to study environmental problems that affect your home country and present your findings to your fellow classmates.



Select from a variety of classes, activities, and assignments to earn up to 90 hours!

  • Coursework includes classroom hours, activities in and out of the classroom, experiential learning excursions, plus related pre- and post-assignments. Each day of your weekend class will be packed full of engaging classes, workshops, and relevant field trips. 


  • ​Pre-assignments help prepare you for class. Register early so that you'll have plenty of time to complete them. These vary by course, but may include goal setting, personality inventories, pre-quizzes, and presentations to be shared during the course. Assignment details will be sent to you after you register.

  • Follow-up post-assignments solidify what you've learned to help make the most of your experience in the U.S. These include response essays based on weekend classes and activities, research papers, service-learning experiences, and community engagement. 

  Check with your au pair agency concerning hours and credits, as requirements vary with different agencies.​


attendance policy

Our weekends are a fun but intensive educational experience! It is critical that you arrive for classes and activities on time and stay for the entire period. All class time is mandatory. If you do not attend all class and activity hours you will not be eligible to receive your course completion letter.


Mandatory attendance begins on the first day of class at check-in and ends after the last hour of class on the last day.

We understand that sometimes emergencies arise or flights are delayed. In situations like these, you will need to work with your program coordinator to see if it is possible for you to still earn the necessary amount of hours.


Travel plans and/or work do not qualify as excuses for missing class hours.


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