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What's your new year's resolution?

Are you tired of setting new year's resolutions, only to feel discouraged when you don't fulfill them?

Well, let us help you out! What's your 2019 resolution?

A. Get in shape

Dance instructor Dennis Williams will have you burning calories and still smiling during his Beyonce dance workshops, offered in New York City as part of our Arts & Entertainment performing arts track.

What if dancing's not your thing? Get some exercise AND explore a new city on walking tours during our "Discover" courses, offered in San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, and Chicago.

B. Journal more often

Does writing in your journal feel tedious and boring? Give your journal an upgrade in artist Natalie Smerkanich's travel journal workshop, where you'll learn to create functional art and create a journal that's totally Instagram-worthy. Take this workshop by enrolling for our visual arts track in Los Angeles -- we've got one coming up in February!

C. Do more community service

We believe in giving back to the community--and this year, we're encouraging APW au pairs and staff to give 10,000 hours of community service across the country. Want to help us accomplish our goal? As part of our "Make a Difference" course, you'll be given resources for finding volunteer opportunities in your own community. Plus, you'll get the chance to join community members in your course city and participate in a service project.

D. Become more environmentally-friendly

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Florida, and one of them is to take the "Explore Our Environment" course in Tampa. Become an environmental scientist during this hands-on course and you'll leave with an increased desire to do your part in protecting the planet.

E. Learn a new skill or hobby

Like photography or sketching? What about learning the art of improv comedy? Our Arts & Entertainment courses are designed to help you grow creatively and learn new skills through hands-on workshops. Photography and improv workshops are offered in both New York and Los Angeles, and sketching is offered in New York.

F. Travel more

...I think we've got this one covered! (We've even given you an excuse to travel to Hawaii!)

Let us help you reach your goals--set a resolution to get your educational credits taken care of SOON rather than waiting until your deadline!

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