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Are you stressing about your credits?

Don't forget about our August course in Washington, DC!

Summer seems to be the time when au pairs remember that they need to earn educational credits. Because of that, we've added more classes to our summer line-up than usual. And, not surprisingly, they've all sold out!

I receive emails weekly from au pairs begging to get into one of our sold out courses, particularly our Arts & Entertainment ones. However, one of our most overlooked classes is our weekend in Washington, DC....and we still have spots open!

Make sure you don't miss your opportunity to earn up to 45 hours with our DC class over August 24-26! Registration is still open .

What can you expect during the DC weekend?

During our "Discover DC" class in August, students will have the unique opportunity to tour the US Capitol. You will also have a chance to explore the Georgetown waterfront and go on a tour of the iconic DC Monuments.

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