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Reserve Housing with Your APW Registration 

As a convenience to students, we offer the option of housing at a hotel within a 10 minute walk of our Utah campus. Simply choose your hotel stay as an add-on during course registration. Prices listed reflect a discount because multiple students share a room (we do not offer any private rooms). There will be 2 or 3 students per room.


Au Pair Weekend coordinates this housing option as a courtesy for our students and it is only available on a first-come, first-served basis. There may not be enough rooms and beds to accommodate all students.

Each hotel room will include either 2 queen beds or 2 queen beds and 1 pull out sofa bed. There is only ever 1 sofa bed in a room, so if you want to be in a room with a friend, only one of you can register for a sofa bed. Each person staying at the hotel must register and pay for their spot. A hot breakfast and wifi are included with all rooms. 

If you and a friend register for different types of housing (for example, if one of you needs a Thursday bed and the other only needs Friday - Monday), you may not be able to be placed together. There may not be enough rooms for male students to share, which may result in higher cost for a private room. 

There will be a $50 administration fee for all housing refunds. Refunds only allowed up to 30 days prior to the weekend start date.

Important Housing Note: If you stay in another location, please know that there is limited or no public transportation to our building on Saturday and Sunday. There can be a long wait at the end of the day for Ubers to arrive. There are almost no Ubers that work on Sunday morning in this area.  Please keep travel time in mind, as you must be to class on time each morning. The UVU Thanksgiving Point campus is approximately a 30-minute drive from Salt Lake City; housing should be arranged in or near Lehi, Utah.


Campus Address:

UVU Thanksgiving Point Campus

2912 Executive Pkwy, Lehi, UT 84043

Travel Between Airport & UVU Thanksgiving Point Campus


For transportation to work properly you must book your flights so that you arrive at the Salt Lake International Airport no later than 11:00 AM on Friday and depart no earlier than 4:30 PM on Monday. **If you book flights that cause you to miss class time on Friday or Monday, you may not be eligible for a Completion Letter. 

Getting to and from the campus can be done by taking a light rail (TRAX) and a train (Frontrunner). This is the easiest and cheapest way for students (approximately $6.80 one-way). 

In the event that your flight is delayed and arrives at SLC later than scheduled, we recommend you take an Uber or Lyft instead of the train. A car will take about 40 minutes to get to campus, while the train takes about 1.5 hours. If this happens, check the Travel Plans Discussion Board on Canvas and to see if there are any other students arriving around the same time who you could share an Uber with (booking an Uber can cost over $60 because of the distance). 

Public Transportation 

  1. First, you’ll need to download the Transit app and purchase your train tickets. (See photos and instructions below). The app is location based, so you may need to go through these steps once you’ve arrived at the Salt Lake City airport.

  2. Second, you will walk to the airport TRAX station and get on the TRAX/light rail Green Line. You will take this train to the North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe Station. The TRAX/light rail Green Line leaves the airport every 15 minutes on weekdays. Be sure you have purchased your ticket on the app before you board the train! 

  3. Third, after getting off the TRAX/light rail Green line at the North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe Station, you will see a large set of stairs going down. Walk down the stairs and wait there until the FRONTRUNNER train arrives. When the train arrives you will get on the train headed south towards Provo and stay on until you arrive at the Lehi Station. This is your stop. It is the 5th stop after you get on the FRONTRUNNER and should take about 40 minutes. 

  4. The FRONTRUNNER departs from North Temple Station once an hour (10:03 a.m., 11:03 a.m., 12:03 p.m., etc.). If you arrive at the station after 12:03 p.m., you should call an Uber to get you to class. If you wait until the 1:03 p.m. train, you will be late to class. 


Recommended departure times for a smooth train ride on Friday: 

The times below are simply a recommendation, if you miss one time, hop on the train for the next time.

Recommended Departure Times

*11:39 a.m. is the last time that you can catch the TRAX train and still get to the campus on time for the start of our class. If your flight lands after 11:00 AM, or you arrive too late to catch the 11:39 TRAX train, please call an Uber to take you to campus (typically a 30-40 minute drive). You must arrive to check-in by 12:45 pm.


If you arrive on Thursday night you can use Google Maps to find the times the trains will depart. Keep in mind that the train only runs until 11:45 PM and so if you are getting in later than that, check the Travel Plans Discussion Board on Canvas to coordinate an Uber or Lyft with other students.


Walking from FRONTRUNNER to UVU Thanksgiving Point Campus: 

Address: 2912 Executive Pkwy, Lehi, UT 84043 

Walking to FrontRunner Map

Bring your luggage with you to our campus. We will store it in a room in the building until the end of the day when you will be checking into your hotel. 

If you need clarification on any of this information, we want to help! Please contact your Program Coordinator, Becky. Again, transportation is your responsibility and we recommend that you plan ahead to get your questions answered weeks before arriving in Utah.

How to Purchase Transportation To Campus

1. Download the Transit App, set up your account, and click on "Buy Tickets". 

Transit App

2. Buy a one-way ticket for Trax

Buy one way ticket

3. Pay for the one-way ticket

Proceed to Payment

4. Go back to "Buy Tickets" and click on "FrontRunner"

Go back to Buy Tickets and click on FrontRunner

5. You will be asked to enter a beginning destination and end destination. Enter "North Temple Station" and "Lehi Station"

Enter North Temple Station and Lehi Station

6. Purchase the "FrontRunner One Way" ticket and you will be ready! 

Once You Arrive At the Airport


From the baggage claim area, take the escalator downstairs.

2. Head outside the airport.

3. The Airport to TRAX station is located on the ground level outside the terminal on the east side. Passengers should exit door 1A and go east. 

4. When the shuttle stops, get off and board the Trax Train (be sure to have already purchased your ticket!)

Au Pairs boarding FrontRunner

6. EXIT TRAX at the North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe Station 

  • Take the stairs down one level 

  • Wait for the FrontRunner train (heading South)

  • Board the FrontRunner (be sure to have already purchased a FrontRunner ticket)

  • Exit at the Lehi Station and walk to the UVU Lehi Campus

Campus Parking

There is ample on-campus parking available for free in a parking lot in front of our campus building. 

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