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We have some BIG news...

...and it's taking us all the way to the Big Island of Hawaii!

We frequently get requests from area directors, host families, and au pairs to expand our APW courses to new cities. Although we are not currently planning to add a permanent one to our 9-city lineup, we are excited to introduce our newest development:

Regional Pop-up Courses!

We hope that our regional pop-ups will allow us to reach more au pairs who have had to travel long distances in the past to attend our courses. To add to the excitement, we've decided that our first class of this type will be held in Hawaii in June 2019.

Check out this video from executive director Lora Cook to learn more about our newest type of course and our first program in Hawaii.

Are all au pairs welcome to attend?

Yes! All au pairs--from Hawaii, Alaska, or the mainland--are invited to attend this special class. For our first regional course, we wanted to choose a destination that would not only be more accessible to a regional group of au pairs but also one that many would like to visit. Hawaii was the obvious choice!

The format will differ from our other course offerings beginning with check-in and an opening meeting in the evening on Sunday, June 9 and will finish on Friday, June 14. This extension of our "Explore Our Environment" program will feature a variety of field experiences focusing on cultural geography, geology, and environmental studies.

We know this course is a bit more expensive than our usual offerings, but we have gone to great lengths to find the best deals possible on lodging, transportation, tours, etc. to try and minimize your costs. We hope this special weeklong course can be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for some of our au pairs! We would encourage interested students flying from the mainland to consider looking at flight rewards points when booking flights.

We'd love to have you join us for our first course in Hawaii!

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