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"We're all in this together..."

After hosting six classes in Salt Lake City, we're used to hearing students BEG us for an opportunity to go inside East High School, where High School Musical was filmed. Last weekend during our SLC class, we finally gave them what they've been asking for: a deluxe tour of East High School!

HSM fans got to visit (and dance in!) recognizable locations from the movie, such as the gymnasium, the cafeteria, and the theater. They also got to pay a visit to Sharpay's infamous pink locker. Our tour guide Frank, the HSM expert, was a teacher at the school while HSM 1, 2, and 3 were being filmed and is actually a graduate of the high school.

Even students who hadn't seen the Disney films (and thus couldn't understand their classmates' excited reactions) said they enjoyed the experience of visiting an American high school. In some ways, it WAS a lot like what they've seen in American movies. We got to drop in on drama students rehearsing for their fall musical, students involved in a debate competition were dressed up and milling in the hallways, students pulled out of the parking lots in their own cars, and down one corridor there were even some singer-songwriters playing guitar and singing together.

The best part? This was only ONE activity during a very busy and exciting weekend! We tried out other new activities this weekend that past students have requested, including a popular hike overlooking the city.

A couple of our students shared their experiences via videos and blog posts.

KC Lowther put together a great video featuring footage from the weekend, including some clips from their East High visit (check out 1:44).

Nadine Louw also shared a very detailed blog post about the different activities she participated in during the weekend. She even shares a secret about Sharpay's locker that we learned from Frank. Check it out here!

Our next weekend in Salt Lake City is scheduled for Feb 22-25, 2019. Check our registration page for updates. We'd love to have you join us in Salt Lake!

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