Join us for an exclusive, pre-recorded interview with Emmy award winning director, Tom Vitale, only available in our new Arts & Entertainment Online course! 

a personal message from tom:

To the Au Pair Community,

You never know where you will end up in life. On paper I would’ve seemed like an unlikely candidate for the job. Terrified of flying, not particularly comfortable meeting new people and far from what might be termed a foodie. Yet somehow —season after season—I traveled with Tony on a near-nonstop run of 80 trips to almost every corner of the globe, constantly meeting strangers, often through the context of their food and culture, in the process making over 100 episodes of TV with Anthony Bourdain.


In addition to the adventure of a lifetime, and personal enrichment and experiences I would never have thought possible, my work with Anthony Bourdain has taught me about the importance of international travel, and all of the learning and challenges that can come with working in this arts and entertainment industry. I am excited to share some of my experiences with you in the interview I'll be doing exclusively for Au Pair Weekend's Arts and Entertainment course.




Tom Vitale Bio

Over the course of more than a decade, Tom Vitale directed and produced roughly 100 episodes of television with Anthony Bourdain, traveling to almost every corner of the globe, gaining extensive experience working in both foreign and domestic locations. In addition to the adventure of a lifetime, Tom’s work with Tony has rewarded him with eight Primetime Emmy nominations and 5 Emmy wins, a Gold World Medal for Best Non-Fiction Program, a PGA Award nomination, as well as a Peabody Award. 


Tom received a Bachelor of Arts in Film with a Correlate in Anthropology from Vassar College.


Tom has visited Myanmar, Libya, Congo, Spain, New Mexico, Copenhagen, India, Brazil, Thailand, Paraguay, Iran, Jamaica, Korea, Madagascar, Beirut, Borneo, Istanbul, Greece, Philippines, Buenos Aires, Rome, Vietnam, Laos, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Southern Italy, Bhutan, Cajun, Indonesia, New York, Singapore, Miami, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Dublin, Atlanta, Taipei, New Orleans and Seattle, Malaysia, New Zealand, Uzbekistan, Beijing, Quebec, Puerto Rico, US-Mexico border, Korea, Indonesia, South Florida, Nicaragua, Tahiti, Cleveland, Montana, Russia, South Carolina, Tuscany, Singapore, Greek Islands, UK, Romania, Colombia, Washington DC, Sri Lanka, Saigon, San Francisco, Thailand, Hudson Valley, Harbin China, Vietnam Central Highlands, Hokkaido Japan, Australia, Barbados, Dubai, Rome, Madrid, Haiti, Cambodia, Brazil, Naples, El Bulli, Kurdistan, Louisiana, Mozambique, Baja, Penang, Dominican Republic, and Rio.


Tom is most known for his contribution to the following TV series:

(Photo by Sean Mathis/WireImage)

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