Commonly asked questions

Have a question about our courses? Most of the answers can be found below. If you can't find what you're looking for, more details can be found on our Policies page. For further information, you can also contact us or sign up for our mailing list!

About Our Courses

How many educational hours equal a credit?

The Au Pair Weekend program refers to all credit-related questions in terms of educational hours because agencies have their own methods for defining credits. Some agencies accept ten hours as the equivalent of one credit, while others require twelve hours. Given the range of hours required by different agencies, Au Pair Weekend simply certifies educational hours and then it is up to each au pair to ensure they have completed enough hours to meet their agency’s requirements. Please contact your agency regarding credits and hours, as requirements vary.

What if I don't need the full amount of hours offered? Do I still need to attend all the days of the course?

In order to be eligible to receive a completion letter, you will still need to attend each day of the course. Attendance during all class times is mandatory. For most of our courses, the total number of hours you receive is a combination of in-class time and hours earned through your pre- and post-assignments.

Can I earn extra educational hours?

Our courses are worth exactly 36, 60 or 72 hours. If you need more than the allotted hours, you will have to attend a second weekend course.

What are pre-assignments and post-assignments?

Pre-weekend assignments help prepare you for class. The assignments vary by course, but may include student discussion boards, quizzes, and presentations to be shared during the course.

Post-weekend assignments strengthen what you've learned over the weekend. These include written reflections based on weekend classes and activities, and other activities designed to help you make the most of your experience in the U.S.

How do I register for a course?

To register for a course, visit the Online Courses or In-Person Courses page. Be sure you read the course descriptions and coursework requirements so that you are familiar with all aspects of the course before registering.​

For online courses, we generally leave registration open for one week following the course start date, unless the course is open enrollment. You may register for an open enrollment course at any time.

Registration for in-person weekends may be possible if registering within 1 month of the course start date, but only if space is available. A $50 late fee will be charged if registering within 3 weeks of the course start date. Please observe the deadline dates to make sure you have a spot reserved and to avoid the late fee.
You may register for Au Pair Weekend courses only through our secure online registration system. Payment must be made in full before your registration is secured. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Please note that our registration system only accepts domestic credit cards. After successfully registering for the course you will receive an email with instructions to access the course. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, it is your responsibility to contact the customer service team to request instructions.

Does it matter in which order I take the courses?

Nope! You can sign up for weekend courses as they best fit your schedule and interests.

Can I take two 3-day weekend courses in different cities?

Yes! Students can take courses in any of our locations, but please note that pricing may vary from one location to another.

I live in a city where the program is not offered. Can I still attend your course?

Yes, you are welcome to attend courses in any city you wish. Because you are responsible for arranging your own airfare and accommodations, you may want to attend a 4-day weekend and attend one of our Combo courses so you only have to fly once.

Are your courses accredited?

Yes, our courses are offered through accredited schools of higher education and satisfy the U.S. Department of State au pair educational requirement for J-1 visa holders. View our list of Partner Schools here!

Will I receive a Completion Letter on the school’s letterhead once I complete the class?

Yes! Your completion letter will be shared with you by email as a PDF file once you complete the class and all necessary assignments. The document will include your name, the name of the school, date of attendance, the number of hours completed and will be issued on school letterhead with an official signature. If you are attending our classes offered in New York City and Los Angeles through UCLA Extension, you will receive a paper copy of your completion letter on the final day of class. Anyone registered for a double weekend will receive a seperate completion letter for each course.
Receipt of completion letters takes an average of 4-7 business days once requested, depending on current demand.

Can I receive a Proof of Enrollment letter to show that I am registered for a class if my au pair agency requires one?

Yes! Once you complete your registration process you may contact our customer service team to request a Proof of Enrollment letter, please Contact Us!

When are the next available courses?

You can register for an online course at any time! Many are open enrollment, meaning you can begin your coursework right away. This is a great option for those who need their Completion Letter quickly. For in-person weekends, please see our Calendar to find a date and city that works for you!

Where can I see the daily schedule for a weekend course?

Each weekend schedule is a little different depending on the activities and excursions offered. You can see a basic schedule by selecting the city you are interested in on the Our Locations page.

Housing & Transportation

Is airfare or housing included in the cost?

Airfare and housing are not included in the course costs. Students are responsible for getting themselves to their courses. Some of our cities offer housing options as a courtesy to our student or a list of locations previous au pairs have recommended. Each city page will have a section on housing, if you have any additional questions please Contact Us!

Where can I stay during an in-person course?

Housing is NOT included in the course cost for students attending a weekend course. In San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Chicago, we have arranged housing through nearby hotels or hostels. Students can select to stay in our housing for an additional cost (around $35-$80 per night depending on bed type and season of the year). Please note that housing fills up quickly and often sells out months before a weekend date. Additional suggestions for affordable housing are provided for most of our courses.

How do I get to class from the airport?

Airfare is not included and airport transportation is not arranged. Most cities have public transportation available. We also suggest sharing a taxi or Uber with other au pairs attending. Registered students will have the possibility to connect with each other. Our customer service team can help with specific questions or concerns.

The only available flights home will require me to leave class early. Is that OK?

Leaving early or missing class for work reasons are not excusable reasons. All class hours are mandatory.

Payments & Pricing

Can I pay by phone or check?

No, all registrations are done online through our secure registration system. You will need a valid credit card and current email address.

How can I get a refund?

If it is at least three weeks before the course start date, contact us to request a refund. You may also switch to another weekend or online course. Please refer to our refund and cancellation guidelines on our Policies page.

I signed up for the class but I can't make it that weekend, can I take the class another time?

Yes! You may switch to another weekend or select an online course. Please refer to our cancellation guidelines on our Policies page for details on how to switch weekends.

How much do Online Courses cost? How many hours are they?

The cost of a 36-hour (equivalent of 3 credits) online course is $295. You can select any two online courses for a discounted price of $500 if registering for both at one time for a total of 72 educational hours (equivalent of 6 credits).

How much do In-Person Courses cost? How many hours are they?

APW in-person courses provide the following educational hours:
36 hours for 3-day single courses (equivalent to 3 credits)* 60 or 72 hours for 4-day combo courses (equivalent to 6 credits)* 72 hours for double weekend packages (equivalent to 6 credits)*

*Educational hours include class time, pre and post-assignments. Please contact your au pair agency regarding credits and hours as requirements may vary.

Our all-inclusive prices include tuition and registration, course materials, educational excursions including activities and transportation during class hours, as well as some meals if offered in that city. In-person weekends range from $399-699 in price depending on location. For location-specific price details, please visit our Locations Page. Save money by registering for two separate courses in the same city, offered as a DOUBLE WEEKEND package deal. Earn 72 educational hours (equivalent to 6 credits in two 3-Day weekends at an all-inclusive price ranging from $599 to $699 depending on the location.

I may be eligible for a tax credit from my home country if I study in an American school. Do you sign/stamp these forms?

Yes, please contact our customer service team for assistance.