English language Skills
For Au Pairs

Choose from our online courses or in-person weekends!

Our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is designed to provide au pairs the opportunity to improve their English language proficiency through listening, speaking, reading and writing in a safe and engaging learning environment.  Instruction is delivered by ESOL teachers who are experts in second language acquisition.


Fully accredited through UCLA Extension and approved for the Au Pair J-1 visa category. We offer 36 hour (equivalent to 3 credits) and 72 hour course options (e.g. two 36 hour courses are equivalent to 6 credits). Courses are divided into two levels to service the needs of different students. 

Need help deciding which of our English Language Courses to sign up for? Contact us - we'd be happy to help!

Online courses


Make friends and improve your English without ever leaving home! Our online courses are perfect for busy au pairs. Some coursework will be completed at your own pace, and you will also join your au pair classmates for live Zoom sessions twice a week for 6 weeks. Zoom classes are 90 minutes in length.


There are several options for pairing these courses with others: 

Sign up for one 36 hour online course for $295, or register for two online courses for $500! This offer can be used for ESOL Levels 1 & 2, or an online ESOL course can be paired with any other course. 

Want to maximize your English language learning experience? Register for an online ESOL course with an in-person ESOL weekend and take advantage of a discount of $45!

In-Person Weekends


Offered in New York City - 36 Hours Equivalent to 3 Credits
Need 72 Hours? Combine this with an English Language Skills For Au Pairs online course!

Get the most out of your time in the United States by improving your English skills! Learn about American accents, cultural traditions, and travel tips - all while getting to explore the sights and history of New York City! 

Practice your listening and speaking skills with interesting classroom discussions and workshops, and strengthen your reading and writing skills with written assignments. Learning American expressions and idioms will help you speak like a native!

And best of all, this in-person course means that you get to practice everything you learn during the weekend in the heart of New York City!