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As a core staff member, you are eligible to compete in two separate contests celebrating APW reaching 50,000 enrollments!

1. Our
50K Testimonial Contest, which has one round left.

2. Core Staff Celebration Contest, which is only open to those attending the core staff holiday Zoom party on December 6.

The two are similar, but different. See below for more details on both, including links to submit your videos. If you have further questions, please direct them to Mari at

50K Testimonial Contest
Next Deadline: November 29

Contest Description


Submit a video testimonial describing a positive experience you have had with one of our many au pairs over the years. Please be as specific as possible. 50,000 is a big number, and these videos serve as a reminder that each one of those was a unique student with their own experiences. 

You are encouraged to submit one video per round, but if you do, please choose a different prompt each time. 


Anyone who enters will receive a $10 Amazon gift card as a thank you for each of their submissions.

Entrants' names will also be entered into a drawing for a
$100 Visa gift card!


Testimonial Prompts


  1. Describe your favorite interaction that you’ve had with an au pair. Is it one that makes you laugh? One that makes you emotional to think about? 

  2. Tell us about a time you saw a student change and grow throughout the weekend. (Did they come out of their shell in improv class? Were they afraid of large animals, but completed a whole horseback ride in Texas?)

  3. Describe a time you saw an au pair (or group of au pairs) help another student with a difficult situation during the weekend.

  4. What’s the silliest or happiest moment you’ve witnessed or been a part of with students during a weekend? 


Submission Requirements

  • Filmed VERTICALLY on a phone. These videos may be shared on social media like Instagram or TikTok. 

  • Length: Preferably around 1 minute

  • Please film indoors for better audio quality, if possible

  • Video MUST include:

    • Your name

    • What city you teach in

    • Your favorite APW activity or thing that you teach or facilitate (if applicable)

    • Your answer to one of the prompts above

The third and final round closes November 29!

Don't wait: submit your video now!

Core Staff Contest
Deadline: November 29

Contest Description

For this contest, each core staff member will be allotted a $100 budget to spend celebrating Au Pair Weekend's milestone of 50,000 enrollments. You are invited to create a video of your celebration and submit it to this special contest.

Try to incorporate "50,000" or "50K" into your celebration. You are encouraged to be as creative as possible, because you and your fellow APW team members will all be voting on you favorite video!

Paying for Your Celebration

There are two options for ways to cover your celebration costs:

  1. You may use your APW company card to spend up to $100 with a receipt.

  2. If you pay for something using your own money, you can submit your receipt through the app and request reimbursement for up to $100. (If you spend more than $100 on your celebration, this is the best option.)


Please direct any financial or reimbursement questions about the $100 to Tanner at

Optional for City Directors

Optional: Use your local staff party to film your video! If you are a City Director holding an in-person party for your local staff, you have the option to film your party as your entry for this contest. The confirmed city party dates are: 

November 1: Utah
November 12: Boston

November 15: Texas

November 18: Seattle

November 18: Chicago

November 18: New York City

November 19: San Diego

December 2: Miami

December 3: Washington DC

December 9: San Francisco

December 14: Los Angeles

All core staff who live in one of our city locations will be invited to attend the city celebration. You will be receiving an individual invitation to RSVP to, if you haven’t already.


During the holiday party this December, staff members in attendance will vote on their favorite celebration videos. There will be winners for first, second, and third place, so there are lots of chances to win!


First Place Prize: $200 Visa Gift Card


Second Place Prize: $100 Visa Gift Card


Third Place Prize: $50 Visa Gift Card

How to Enter

  1. Choose a way to celebrate that includes the theme of "50,000" or "50K". Optional: print out this sign or one of the logos below to use in your celebration!

  2. Use your company card to spend up to $100 on a fun activity or on celebration supplies. (Don't forget to upload your receipt afterwards!)

  3. Create a video of your celebration. Your coworkers will be voting on their favorite videos, so be as creative as possible!

  4. Upload your video before the November 29 deadline.

  5. During the holiday party on December 6, APW staff will view submissions and vote on our favorites. First, second and third place winners will be announced live at the party!

Optional logos to incorporate:









Submission Requirements

  • Filmed VERTICALLY on a phone. These videos may be shared on social media like Instagram or TikTok. 

  • Length: Preferably around 1 minute

  • Please film indoors for better audio quality, if possible

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