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These materials are designed to be shared with your au pairs during a monthly meeting. Sharing these materials will help inform your au pairs about what APW can offer them. They will also receive a $10-15 discount on APW courses, and you will receive additional entries into our Fall Preview Contest.

The promotional materials consist of one powerpoint presentation, one video (on Youtube), and one Kahoot quiz. If you do not have the time to share all the materials, we would recommend prioritizing the video. Make sure to take a picture of your au pairs as you are sharing these materials so that you can upload it for 5 contest entries!


Est. time: 15 minutes


Est. time: 5 minutes

View here 

Upload a picture of your au pairs learning about APW for 5 entries into our contest.

KAHOOT QUIZ (optional; earn 5 additional entries)

Est time: 10 minutes

This quiz is a fun way to see how much information your au pairs retained from the brief APW presentation.

To play the quiz, you will need a computer. Each participating au pair will need a cell phone.

1. Pull up the quiz on your computer.

2. Click "player to player classic". A page will pull up with a game PIN. Each au pair should visit on their phone's mobile browser and enter the game PIN. They will then be entered into the quiz. Hit "start" once all au pairs are in the game. 

3. Each question will have a set of answers corresponding with colors. Au pairs should select the correct color on their phone. Points are given for accuracy and speed!

4. Screenshot your final game screen and upload it here to receive 5 additional entries into the contest!

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